“In simplicity, beauty dwells”

IMO is the result of the union between simplicity, aesthetic education, the pleasure of observing and the longing for all that is old.

I decided to create I Make Objects starting from a simple formula: working through a close approach, by hand and with soul.

I work with wood manually and I create objects by focussing on those parts of things that are not seen, but felt. My method of development assures me that each creation has something unique which will never be replicated in another piece.

I’ve always been a lover of the simplicity and beauty of all that is natural, therefore it was not necessary for ecology to become trendy in order for the project IMO to see the light.

I observe people, nature and their interaction. This leads to dual-use elements. I recover and redesign them. Where some see an old hammer handle, a worn-down axe or a log, I see the legs of a new stool, table or chair. It is the attempt to unite two seemingly unconnected dots between all that is old and new, the environment and people.

The aim is to find a balance between the past, the present and all that is natural by having my own identity and managing to fit it into society.

Appreciating knowledge, experience and the work of everything that can teach me are important for this project,. That is the importance of the fusion between design and intrinsic wisdom of all that is natural and of tradition.

I have learned to listen to my instincts, without fear of creating and theĀ eureka moments.